French courses

Depending on the specific needs of the participants, the animation will be organized around the following activities:

  • Role-play and simulations of professional or everyday situations
  • Presentations
  • Audio and video listenings, comprehension exercises
  • Writing e-mails, letters or minuts
  • Tutorials in multimedia lab

This training module is for every company employee or individuals whatever their initial level in their chosen language, who wish to acquire the necessary linguistic skills in order to perform their professional and private activities

Programme de formation

Every trainee will be required to take a placement test before the beginning of the program in order to know the initial level of the future trainee.

This test is completed by a training objectives’ assessment interview after which is developed a program perfectly suited to the professional and linguistic profile of the participant.

Infos pratiques


CCI CAMPUS or in the company.

When training takes place in the company, the travel expenses of the teacher are the responsability of the company.

Dates and times:

These training modules are organized throughout the year, at the request of companies.

Duration and frequency:

Our training programs vary in accordance with the placement test results and the expected objectives in the short or medium term.

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